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Introducing iCare

Daycare Management System

Improve your daycare services and offer a new level of service and peace of  mind

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About Us

iCare helps educators connect, coordinate and keep children safe. Through the iCare App you can deliver all the information a parent might need, to their smartphone - the device they use for everything else!

For over 10 years, thousands of childcare professionals in 20 countries around the world have used iCare daily to insure the best level of service and safety at their centers. 

Easy to use mobile apps !

Simplify Your Life With Just a Click


Parent App

Free to download by parents and easy to use, iCare app provides parent with real-time information, media, updates, and reminders relevant to their child or children at the daycare. Features include:

Daily Reports
Food Menu
Daily Schedule

Child pickup


Bus Tracking 

Admin Panel

Through the iCare Management Dashboard, daycare managers can keep track of all daily tasks and activities, view important statistics, and manage their work easily and efficiently. Features include:

Children/Parent Database
Events Management
Media Management
Transportation Management


Children Pickup Management

Teacher App

Intuitive app compatible with any tablet or smartphone. Allows teachers to complete all the daily tasks and reporting with a few clicks. Features include:

Children information
Daily Reports
Recording Temperature
Child Evaluations
Class broadcasts


Homework (School Version)

Grades (School Version)

Gain the iCare Advantage

Engage Parents

Save time and money

Improve safety

Gain valuable insight

Make your organization greener


How does iCare make a difference

It all sounds great, why do we need it ?

When children are young, parents often need more updates to reassure them that their child is in safe hands and happy. What better way to communicate and update parents than a responsive mobile app ? 
iCare will allow your daycare to deliver a new level of service to parents while also increasing efficiency and reducing your costs , as well as reducing the workload on your teachers. App can take the pressure off staff especially at pick up and drop off times when settling a child into daycare should be the priority.

I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

iCare is trusted by hundreds of daycare centers in 15 countries around the world. We constantly update our system based on feedback we get from users so the system continuously evolves with more features and tools being added to help improve your work. 

How often are there updates to the App?

iCare is a continuously evolving system. We rely on feedback we receive from teachers, daycare managers, and parents to regularly improve our system and add new features. New features and tools are always offered to our partners at no extra cost.

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